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22 Ноя 2020, 17:46
В Алтайской колонии произошел пожар в бане

В исправительной колонии № 3 барнаульского поселка Куета горит банно-прачечный комбинат. Об этом сообщили в пресс-службе МЧС по Алтайскому краю.

«Факт пожара на территории исправительной колонии № 3 в поселке Куета города Барнаула подтверждаю. Горел банно-прачечный комбинат. Пострадавших нет. Работы еще продолжаются, но горение уже прекращено», — сказал представитель пресс-службы.

В апреле в исправительной колонии № 15 в Иркутской области произошел бунт. После бунта в колонии вспыхнул пожар. СК по Иркутской области завел уголовное дело по ч. 3 ст. 321 УК (дезорганизация деятельности исправительного учреждения).

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02 Дек 2020, 03:16

Sir Geoff Hurst has called the decision to patch up David Luiz, then allow him to play on and drive home after clashing heads with Raul Jimenez, 'absolutely disgraceful'.

Hurst has become a leading campaigner in football's fight against dementia after five of his former England team-mates from the 1966 World Cup were diagnosed with the disease.

'It is a crazy situation with David Luiz,' said 78-year-old Hurst. 'It is an horrendous accident but could not illustrate better what we're saying. People are getting bad head injuries, being bandaged up, playing on and driving home. It is absolutely disgraceful. Something has to be done ASAP.

'We've got to stop heading for kids and in practice, and we've got to look at concussion substitutes, and not let the guys be brave like David Luiz.

'Medical people, governing bodies and clubs have to say, "No, you have a head injury, come off while we look into it", and put a substitute on while you do that, and someone drives you home.'

Nobby Stiles, Jack Charlton, Martin Peters and Ray Wilson — four of Sir Alf Ramsey's team in the 1966 final — have died after living with dementia. Sir Bobby Charlton, 83, is another with the illness.

Peters' diagnosis was the start of Hurst's close association with the Alzheimer's Society. They were team-mates at West Ham, and their wives, Judith and Kathy, remain close friends, still in daily contact. Peters died last December, aged 76.

'Looking at my team-mates, and that group of 22, I always felt there was a connection with dementia, even before the scientific evidence,' said Hurst.

'Now they say professionals are three and a half times more likely to get it than the man in the street. Martin was diagnosed eight years ago and we know how difficult it was for Kathy to cope. We lived with it quite closely.'

He knows Peters' prowess in the air was underestimated. 'Alf didn't pick him for some time and Ron Greenwood, our West Ham manager, was always telling him, "You've got to pick this guy, he's fantastic".

'Alf told Ron he wasn't because he felt Martin couldn't head the ball. Martin was the best header of a ball at the club, by far. And his goal record from midfield stands up alongside the greats of recent years, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.'

Peters and Hurst are the only English footballers to score in a World Cup final. Peters pounced for the second against West Germany to put England 2-1 up. It looked set to be the winner until Wolfgang Weber equalised in the 90th minute and the game went to extra time.

Hurst, having scored England's first goal, added two more. He is the only player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final, and is backing an exciting project to restore and colourise the entire footage of that day to preserve the legacy of his team.

'It deserves to be shown in its proper colour,' said Hurst. 'Particularly with those iconic red shirts. The Germans won the toss, played in their white shirts and we ended up in red — and I know because I sign them every day. I am sent an amazing number to sign, 20 at a time from charities or individual people sending me red shirts with the badge on, and photographs, all in colour. But when you see the black and white version on television, the shirts are grey.'

There are colour clips of the 1966 final, from the BAFTA award-winning documentary Goal! but the only complete film of the 4-2 victory against West Germany is in black and white.

Final Replay '66 are the company behind #fullcolour66. They plan to restore and colourise 180,000 frames of footage, with the help of Park Road Post Production, the New Zealand company behind the acclaimed First World War film They Shall Not Grow Old.

'This is an exciting project,' said Hurst. 'This is our national sport and an achievement we haven't matched for 50-odd years. It also honours the memories of our great players. It's very sad with the players we're losing from our team.'

Watch Sir Geoff talk about his team-mates in an exclusive video at Mailplus.co.uk/sport.

For more info on #fullcolour66 go to: www.crowdfunder.co.uk/fullcolour66

24 Ноя 2020, 05:14

She recently confirmed she was pregnant with her second child to AFL star husband Lance 'Buddy' Franklin.

And on Friday, Jesinta Franklin (née Campbell) showed off her blossoming baby bump as she posed for a photo shoot with Buddy on a yacht in Sydney Harbour.

The 29-year-old footy WAG looked glamorous in a black swimsuit and kaftan on the boat's deck.

The model styled her brunette locks straight and smiled for the camera alongside a relaxed-looking Buddy.

The Sydney Swans star wore a white button-up shirt and black shorts as he held a refreshing drink in his hand.

After posing for several photos, Jesinta changed into a white swimsuit with a sheer skirt.

She accessorised the outfit with statement earrings and put on a pair of sunglasses to protect herself from the sun.

Earlier in the day, the couple were all smiles as they boarded the yacht.

Jesinta flaunted her growing bump in a long blue dress, while Buddy looked stylish in a white shirt and green shorts.

Jesinta confirmed she was 'halfway through' her second pregnancy in an interview with Vida Glow last month.

'It was a very big surprise for us. Tullulah [her daughter] will be getting a sibling at the end of March next year, so she will have just turned one,' she said.

'So I'll have a 13-month-old and a newborn, which was very daunting at first. I found out a week after Buddy went into the [AFL] hub, which was all just a lot to deal with at once.'

'It was very hard to conceive the first time with Tullulah, and for this [pregnancy] to be such an unplanned surprise is a blessing,' she added.

'I had the moment where, that I wished for with Tullulah, where you pee on a stick and it's such a surprise and it's very exciting.

'So I got that moment where I feel like I missed out on with Tullulah just because of all the challenges.'

Jesinta and Buddy married in a lavish Blue Mountains ceremony in November 2016.

02 Дек 2020, 09:15

Sam Frost marks her third year as an actress on Seven's Home And Away this month.

And the star appeared in her element last month while filming scenes for the soap's 2021 season on Sydney's Palm Beach.

The 31-year-old looked absolutely sensational as she jogged along the picturesque shoreline in a crop top and running shorts.

Sam stars on Seven’s long-running soap as nurse Jasmine Delaney, but was seen ditching her hospital scrubs for an activewear ensemble during the outdoor scene.

Showing off her taut stomach and toned arms and legs, She hardly broke a sweat as she ran towards the camera for the scene.

Sam wore her blonde hair a messy ponytail and natural-hued makeup for filming purposes.

The former radio host’s fit physique was on display in the bright-coloured sports bra, which exposed her impressive abs.

Wearing EarPods and her phone slipped into her shorts, her character appeared to meet up with another Summer Bay resident on the beach.

The male, in a striped shirt and shorts, was on the sand with a soccer ball and seemed friendly towards Sam’s character Jasmine.

The pair beamed as they playfully kicked the ball around.

While sitting down on the sand, Sam appeared to display some rather painful-looking mosquito bites on her legs.

They were on her lower legs and ankles, but it didn't appear to be of concern to the actress at the time.

In July 2017, Channel Seven announced that Sam would be joining Home and Away as a permanent cast member.

She made her acting debut on the show during the December 2017 season finale, making this month her three-year anniversary on the soap.

At the time, she was perhaps best known for her role on The Bachelorette in 2015.

Meanwhile, Sam returned to filming Home and Away in May after it was forced to shut down temporarily over coronavirus fears.

It now has strict measures in place to ensure the safety of the cast and crew.

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