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22 Ноя 2020, 21:46
Ребенок в Томске выжил после падения из окна многоэтажки в сугроб

В Томске шестилетняя девочка выжила после падения из окна многоэтажного дома, сообщается на странице управления МВД России по региону в социальной сети «ВКонтакте».

Инцидент произошел 21 ноября на улице Карла Маркса. По данным полиции, ребенок, предположительно, выпал из окна четвертого этажа, его госпитализировали.

На мать девочки полицейские составили протокол по ч. 1 ст. 5.35 КоАП России (неисполнение родителями или иными законными представителями несовершеннолетних обязанностей по содержанию и воспитанию несовершеннолетних).

В департаменте здравоохранения Томской области уточнили, что выпавшая из окна девочка была доставлена в реанимацию больницы скорой медицинской помощи № 2. Сейчас она находится в стабильном состоянии.

Telegram-канал Mash опубликовал видео, на котором девочка падает в сугроб, после чего встает, отряхивается и уходит.

В июле в подмосковном Подольске ребенок упал с четвертого этажа, перевесившись через перила балкона. Его смогли поймать жильцы. В тот момент мать мальчика была пьяна. Против нее возбуждено уголовное дело по ст. 125 УК (оставление в опасности).

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23 Ноя 2020, 17:35

Поединок Динамо (Украина) — Барселона (Испания) состоится завтра, 24 ноября, в 22:00 по киевскому времени в Киеве на стадионе НСК Олимпийский.

Прямую трансляцию поединка покажут телеканал Футбол 1 и поп-ап канал Volia Football HD 1 на стриминговом сервисе MEGOGO. НВ проведет онлайн-трансляцию игры и событий вокруг нее, начиная с 21:30.

Динамо занимает третье место в группе с отставанием в пять баллов от второго в квартете Ювентуса.

Барселона лидирует в группе с девятью очками и отрывом в восемь пунктов от соперника.

Динамо проиграло два матча из трех предыдущих во всех турнирах при одной победе.

Барселона проиграла один раз в пяти предыдущих матчах во всех турнирах при трех победах.

За Динамо не сыграют защитники Бурда, Тымчик, Костевич, нападающий Русин (травмы). Под вопросом участие вратаря Нещерета, защитников Сироты, Попова, Шабанова, полузащитников Андриевского, Цыганкова, Сидорчука, Родригеша и Дуэлунда (коронавирус).

Барселона не сможет рассчитывать на лидера атак Месси, защитников Пике, Роберто, Араухо, Юмтити, полузащитников Бускетса, де Йонга и нападающего Фати.

Ориентировочные составы:

Динамо: Бущан — Кендзера, Забарный, Миколенко, Караваев — Шепелев, Буяльский — Шапаренко, Буяльский, де Пена — Супряга

Барселона: тер Штеген — Дест, Мингеса, Лангле, Альба — Пьянич, Аленья — Дембеле, Коутиньо, Педри — Гризманн


27 Ноя 2020, 07:14

Ozzy Osbourne has reflected on his impressive career with rock band Black Sabbath after being presented with a Lifetime Achievement award.

The singer, 71, who was diagnosed with Parkinsons earlier this year, was given the gong at the 23rd GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2020 in association with Hugo Boss.

Speaking during the first ever virtual ceremony, Ozzy revealed that the band were once accused of trying to conjure up magic after revealing their name.

Scroll down for video

Speaking to producer Andrew Watt, he said: 'He went to see The Exorcist, people thought we were a Black Magic f*****ing spooky band. We sung a few things about that, environmental issues, or everything that was going on to this day.

'I mean so it's kind of funny because people start doing songs about the pandemic, we were doing that 50 years ago.

'Everyone sung about boy meets girl and I wanted to do something that interests me, how Vietnam was going, the fear of nuclear holocaust. That blew my mind I thought 'what is going with this world'.'

Ozzy went on to discuss how the band was created by the four original members, guitarist Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward, bassist Geezer Butler and himself, in 1968.

'You never sing the same line the same twice. Black Sabbath wasn't a band created by some big mogul we were four guys who thought 'let's have a go' and we had a dream and it came true beyond our wildest expectations.

'When you're in the eye of the storm you don't realise you're screwed or about it, all I was trying to do was survive,' he said.

Ozzy also gave a very candid interview to GQ, in which he discussed the coronavirus pandemic and his family.

Speaking about the pandemic the star explained how he hasn't been going out much as he doesn't enjoy having to wear a face covering.

He also revealed that his album's producer Andrew Watt caught COVID-19 as well as two of his grandchildren.

Ozzy said: 'I've got emphysema, so if I get this virus I'm f****d... But my two granddaughters caught it and you wouldn't think they had anything wrong with them. It just bounced off them.'

During these unusual times Ozzy also said that he's been keeping in touch with another musician, Elton John, who appeared on his last album.

He said: 'Every single week Elton John calls my wife. I’m not one to hang out with this one and that one but he’s become a family friend.'

In addition, Ozzy spoke openly about his family and reflected on his wife Sharon's health, including her colon cancer battle in 2002.

Speaking about her recovery, Ozzy told GQ that he had Robin Williams visit their home to try and cheer Sharon up while he was touring.

Elsewhere during the awards show Normal People star Paul Mescal received the Hugo Boss Breakthrough Actor of the Year, after earning critical acclaim for his role in the Irish drama.

Lashanna Lynch, who will play the first ever female 007 in the upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die, received the Hugo Boss Breakthrough Actress prize.

Paul Hutchinson received the Humanitarian Award after gained worldwide attention when he was pictured carrying a man to safety in the midst of a violent clash between a Black Lives Matters march and EDL counter-protesters.

And Captain Sir Tom Moore was awarded the Inspiration of the Year, after becoming GQ's oldest ever cover star at the age of 100.

All of the winners have been interviewed and filmed by GQ, with creative production by Ridley Scott Creative Group's Black Dog Films, and the full ceremony is now available to view via British GQ's YouTube channel.

The full ceremony is now available to view via British GQ's YouTube channel and the full list of winners can be found here: www.gq-magazine.co.uk/culture/article/gq-awards-2020-winners

Urbane, upscale, bold and always stylish, GQ's status as a byword for men's style is unparalleled.

GQ has one of the most energetic, comprehensive 360 publishing platforms in the UK and is known for the highest standards in feature writing and photography.

26 Ноя 2020, 11:14

Sara Bareilles and Renee Elise Goldsberry laughed it up while filming their latest project in New York City this week.

The dynamic duo were on the shoot of the upcoming sitcom Girls5Eva which has Tina Fey as one of its executive producers.

While Sara, 40, was autumn casual in an anorak and skintight jeans, Renee, 49, was 1990s chic in a double-denim ensemble.

Renee's look was fitting as the show is about the middle-aged former members of a girl group from the 1990s who faded after becoming a one-hit wonder.

They decide to give their partnership a go again in the modern era, prompted by a current rapper who samples them on a track.

Renee's look on set this week included a denim jacket and a pair of matching trousers that had roughly symmetrical tears.

She even had a denim purse as part of her ensemble, which included chic little earrings and a pair of sleek black leather shoes that featured glittering buckles.

Meanwhile Sara had a relaxed look that featured low-top walnut brown leather boots and a cream sweater perfectly attuned to the season.

When she was cast in early October Billboard reported that Renee's character was the belting sensation who stole the show when the group was in its heyday.

'This wickedly talented team is creating something brave and new. I'm grateful I get to be in the room with them,' Renee gushed.

'I honestly can't think of a better way to transition out of this year and into the new one than laughing with strong and beautiful women,' she added.

Meanwhile Sara's character has moved back to Queens and is running an Italian restaurant with her family after her girl group's breakup, per Variety.

Sara and Renee join a cast that includes Busy Philipps, who became a name on such sitcoms as Cougar Town and Freaks And Geeks.

John Goodman of Roseanne fame will also be on the new sitcom as will former late-night host Carson Daly and Veep star Tony Hale.

The creator of the program is Meredith Scardino who has written for such shows as Saturday Night Live, At Home With Amy Sedaris and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Tina is helping executive produce the series for Peacock with collaborators including her husband Jeff Richmond and her 30 Rock showrunner Robert Carlock.

Peacock is the new streaming service from NBC, which is the network where Tina became a star on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.

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