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18 Окт 2020, 13:46
На субботних акциях протеста в Белоруссии задержали 58 человек

На акциях протеста в Белоруссии, которые прошли 17 октября, задержали 58 человек. Об этом сообщает газета «Наша Нива» со ссылкой на МВД Белоруссии.

Всего в мероприятиях приняли участие 1700 человек. Из них на женском марше присутствовали 150 человек.

Наибольшее количество задержанных на студенческом марше — 43 человека.

Пресс-служба МВД сообщает, что в субботу в различных населенных пунктах страны зафиксировано «13 очагов социально-политической активности граждан».

Накануне сообщалось, что среди задержанных на студенческом марше есть журналисты, в том числе российские. Задержания проходили возле здания университета МГЛУ.

16 октября начальник главного управления по борьбе с организованной преступностью и коррупцией МВД Николай Карпенков заявил, что милиция может применять против протестующих огнестрельное оружие. Он отметил, что силовики будут при этом действовать «гуманно».

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28 Окт 2020, 15:46

Полностью интервью с президентом Молдавии Игорем Додоном читайте здесь.

23 Окт 2020, 18:05

Магомедрасул Хасбулаев, двоюродный брат бойца Абсолютного бойцовского чемпионата (UFC) Хабиба Нурмагомедова, рассказал, как спортсмен пережил смерть отца, передает RT.

Напомним, Абдулманап Нурмагомедов умер 3 июля. «У него были очень теплые отношения с отцом. Они все время были вместе. Хабиб испытывал гораздо большее давление после смерти Абдулманапа, чем мы все. Мы его ученики, а он сын», — сказал Хасбулаев.

Ранее Златан Ибрагимович поддержал Хабиба перед поединком с Джастином Гэтжи

29 Окт 2020, 17:15

Ed Sheeran has responded to Marcus Rashford's call for deprived children to receive free half term meals by opening a breakfast club at his west London bistro.

The multi-millionaire singer has provided a hot breakfast to any child who qualifies for free school meals through his Notting Hill restaurant, Bertie Blossoms.

The Portobello Road business is the latest to get behind Rashford's initiative after Tory MPs rejected the Manchester United striker's push to extend free school meals during the week long break.

Sharing the news on the establishment's Instagram page, Ed, 29, wrote: 'In these difficult times, Berties want to offer anyone who is normally entitled to a free school meal or who is struggling in these strange times, a hot breakfast.

'Drop in between 9am-11am tomorrow or 8am-11am for the rest of the week and we’ll be offering a hot breakfast, fruit and a hot or cold drink to kids - no questions asked.

'Either eat-in or take-out. We are with you, we are behind you and we love you! Spread the word.'

Rashford, whose online petition to end child food poverty has accumulated more than a million signatures, has since hailed business owners across Britain for supporting his campaign.

Posting to Twitter on Tuesday evening, he wrote: 'To all the local business owners, to the food bank volunteers, to the teachers, to the carers, to the campaigners, this is your moment.

'Our children have felt the warmth and the compassion of their community and I am grateful beyond words.

'We have proved that even when we have little, we still have something to give. I am truly humbled by what I have witnessed over the last couple of days, I couldn't be prouder to call Britain my home, and to call football my profession.

'To all of you climbing into bed tonight after a hard day supporting our most needy, I salute you. You are the real superstars. I'm in awe of you all. Thank you.'

Rashford also encouraged people to keep signing his petition on Wednesday, tweeting: 'Let’s take a second to remember that a lot of families in need will not have access to the internet.

'They can’t sign petitions or scroll down my twitter. Their voices cannot be heard so we have to use ours to communicate on all of this amazing local help.'

Rashford only created the petition on October 14, but after just two weeks the e-petition reached the one million mark.

Rashford has used his social media profile to highlight examples of businesses that have pledged to help with meals for local children.

Writing on Twitter on Monday evening, he called for businesses to let him know how many meals they had supplied on the first day of half-term.

Rashford's club, in partnership with the Manchester United Foundation and the charity FareShare, will provide around 5,000 meals from the Old Trafford kitchens to children from local schools.

The Government's social mobility watchdog also supported Rashford, saying 600,000 more children were in poverty than in 2012.

'We believe the Government should do all it can to start reversing that trend,' a Social Mobility Commission spokesman said.

'It should begin by ensuring that all children are properly fed.'

Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Rashford admitted he 'couldn't be more proud to call myself British' after his campaign to provide free meals to children this Christmas sparked an outpouring of support on social media.

The Manchester United footballer thanked hundreds of cafes, pubs and restaurants which came forward yesterday to offer half-term food for vulnerable children.

In a statement released to the flagship programme, he also responded to criticism of his decision to start the campaign, saying those who wanted to talk about 'celebrities' and 'superstars' would find them in his Twitter feed.

Rashford, who was raised by his single mother Melanie in Wythenshawe, said: 'Growing up we didn't have a lot, but we always had the safety net of the community. That community was my family.

'When we stumbled, we were caught with open arms. Even at their lowest point, having felt the devastating effects of the pandemic, local businesses have wrapped arms around their communities today, catching vulnerable children as they fell.

'I couldn't be more proud to call myself British tonight. I am truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support.

'You want to talk about 'celebrities' and 'superstars', look no further than my Twitter feed and that's exactly what you'll find.'

Other stars to publicly back the campaign include journalist Caitlin Moran, The Charlatans singer Tim Burgess, pop star Louise Redknapp and sports pundit Gary Lineker.

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