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22 Ноя 2020, 18:05
МВД Белоруссии сообщило о снижении числа протестующих

Пресс-секретарь МВД Белоруссии Ольга Чемоданова заявила, что в республике постепенно снижается число участников несанкционированных массовых мероприятий. Об этом сообщает ТАСС.

Представитель ведомства указала, что на территории республики, за исключением Минска, такие мероприятия по состоянию на 16.00 (совпадает с мск) не отмечались.

Протесты в Белоруссии продолжаются четвертый месяц подряд. Они начались после того, как ЦИК республики объявил Александра Лукашенко победителем президентских выборов, которые прошли 9 августа.

Все штабы оппозиционных кандидатов заявили о непризнании их официальных результатов. Протестующих поддержали сотрудники крупнейших промышленных предприятий, объявив о забастовке. Силовики применяют против демонстрантов спецтехнику, светошумовые гранаты и резиновые пули.

Позже экс-кандидат в президенты республики Светлана Тихановская объявила о создании в стране Координационного совета оппозиции, который должен способствовать трансферу власти. Лукашенко же обвинил в протестах западные страны и потребовал возбудить уголовные дела против членов совета.

С 26 октября Тихановская объявила в стране общенациональную забастовку.


— МВД Белоруссии подтвердило применение в Минске спецсредств против протестующих

— На акциях протеста в Белоруссии задержали 106 человек

— В Минске в преддверии акции протеста закрыли 10 станций метро

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23 Ноя 2020, 07:15

This year's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! campmates have been faced with gruelling conditions at Gwrych Castle in freezing North Wales this year.

But past winners Vicky Pattison and Scarlett Moffatt have claimed this year's series is much 'easier' and are outraged that the campmates are given 'hot' showers, The Sun reported.

I'm A Celebrity has relocated to icy cold Wales from its normal balmy location of Australia for its first ever UK series amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

However Geordie Shore star Vicky, 33, who won the series in 2015, said that a lot of former campmates will think 'what the f**k' after watching this year's 'easy' show.

She told The Sun: 'I do think there's going to be a lot of past campmates sitting round and watching this year's I'm A Celeb and going, "What the f***? They have it so easy compared to us".'

Meanwhile the 2016 series winner Scarlett, 30, said she 'got so angry' after seeing the campmates having 'hot water' for their showers.

The ex-Gogglebox star explained: 'I know they're in Wales so it is cold, but they should have ice cold water, that's part of the experience. Why have they got hot water?'

She went on to claim that the trials are easier this year and said it would have been 'the dream' to deal with rotten tomatoes like in Russell Watson and Ruthie Henshall's first task.

Scarlett hilariously said that her hairdresser 'started screaming' after taking her extensions out when she left the show as she had 'about four cockroaches' crawling in her hair.

But despite the stars slamming this year's series, Vicky also said that she felt 'sorry' for the campmates, who were not able to travel to Australia amid Covid-19 rules.

She explained that the 'fancy flight' and the glorious weather were by far the 'best parts' of taking part in the ITV show.

She told The Sun: 'All they did was jump in the back of an Uber.'

This year's twelve campmates have been faced with living in a derelict castle during their stint on the show, rather than in the jungle, and continue to battle England's chilly autumnal weather.

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are hosting the series once again, while Vick Hope is fronting The Daily Drop, a brand-new series following all camp activity, available on ITV Hub every morning after the main show.

The Geordie duo, the contestants and crew will be tested for COVID-19 every three days throughout the series, with the campmates able to mix freely while they live in the camp as they form their own bubble.

The 2020 series, which kicked off with a bang on ITV on Sunday evening, is expected to last just 20 days - two shorter than normal.

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! continues nightly at 9PM on ITV

24 Ноя 2020, 13:06

По его словам, украинцев должны заранее предупредить о ведении жестких карантинных ограничений.

«Ситуация должна быть прогнозируемой. Украинцы должны заранее знать, что им ожидать. Растянутая во времени "красная зона" не может быть бесконечной, из-за негативного влияния на экономику. Мое личное мнение - лучше прогнозируемый локдаун, чем длительная неопределенность», - написал он в Telegram.

Ткаченко выступил за двухнедельный локдаун, привязанный к новогодним праздникам, а также отмену массовых мероприятий на Рождество и Новый год.

30 Ноя 2020, 13:15

They've been happily married for nine years and share four young children.

And, Abbey Clancy joked that she hasn't kissed husband Peter in months as she shaved off half of his moustache, live on Good Morning Britain, on Monday, after he'd grown it for Movember to raise awareness of men's health issues.

The model, 34, and the footballer, 39 - who are doting parents to Sophia, nine, Liberty, five, Johnny, two and Jack, 16 months - laughed as they were interviewed by Piers Morgan, 55, and Susanna Reid, 49.

Piers asked Abbey: 'Do you like that tash?' to which the model responded: 'I actually really liked it until I found this statistic that a man's beard contains more bacteria than a whole dog.'

Susanna asked: 'Have you stopped kissing him?' with Abbey joking: 'I haven't kissed him for months!'

Peter insisted: 'She loves it really, she's telling porkies. It's for a great cause, it's for men's health!'

'Is it coming off today?' asked Piers to which the famous footballer admitted: 'I believe so.'

Abbey whipped out an electric razor and shaved off half of Peter's moustache.

'Leave it like that!' demanded Susanna, which Abbey did.

Changing the topic, Piers said: 'I want to ask about Maradona, how good was he?'

Peter said: 'The best thing I can say about Maradona is that he inspired so many great footballers that we see today.

'As Englishmen, we should hate it how celebrated he was but he was just so good. Winning the world cup for Argentina…'

Susanna switched up the conversation again, saying: 'Let's talk to another winner... Abbey Clancy, winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2013. What does Ranvir [Singh] need to do to win?'

'Just keep enjoying it, that was my motto. I loved every second of it,' gushed Abbey.

Piers quipped: 'You were the worst victim of the curse because you stayed with your husband!'

'Exactly!' agreed Abbey, while Peter insisted: 'You haven't seen me dance Piers!' To which the GMB host reminded the footballer that he once saw him person 'the robot.'

In October, Peter opened up about his dad duties in an interview with Rob Beckett and Josh Widdcombe's Parenting Lockdown Hell, as he admitted that his wife doesn't trust him alone with their brood.

Speaking candidly about life in the Crouch-Clancy household, he said: 'We've got some help, her mum is very good and we've got some family who can help us because I don't think Abs would trust me fully on my own with all four'.

Abbey could be heard speaking in the background, as he added: 'She's looking at me now, oh yea did you hear that? She's shouted over the top of me "what about that time you lost him at the farm?"

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