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22 Ноя 2020, 13:46
Мишустин сменил оператора торгов госимуществом

Система торгов госимуществом перейдет в ведение Федерального казначейства. Соответствующее постановление подписал премьер-министр России Михаил Мишустин, сообщает пресс-служба правительства.

Федеральное казначейство станет оператором, под его управление перейдет интернет-ресурс torgi.gov.ru. «Ожидается, что казначейство займется доработкой ресурса: наладит обмен информацией с другими государственными системами, обеспечит структурирование данных о сделках и непрерывность процесса торгов — от публикации сведений о проведении до заключения договора», — говорится в сообщении. На ресурсе будет реализован учет всех «юридически значимых» действий в сфере торгов госимуществом.

Ранее за ресурс отвечало Минэкономразвития. В системе опубликовано более 1,4 млн извещений и зарегистрировано свыше 39,6 тыс. организаторов торгов.

В конце октября «Коммерсантъ» писал о том, что правительство работает над созданием Единой системы управления государственным имуществом и интеграцией ее данных с системами бюджетного учета. Одной из мер называлась передача Федеральному казначейству сайта торгов госимуществом для обмена сведениями.

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26 Ноя 2020, 18:51

Ритейлер Алло объявил о запуске почтово-логистического оператора Алло Express. Он будет доставлять и выдавать товары, заказанные на сайте allo.ua. Компания ООО Алло 24 ноября внесена в Единый реестр операторов почтовой связи Украины.

Отделения Алло Express будут располагаться в действующих магазинах Алло в 140 городах Украины.

«Кроме классических почтовых услуг Алло Express планирует предоставлять комплекс финансовых сервисов в партнерстве с ООО Електрум Пеймент Систем: перевод денежных средств без открытия счетов и другие финансовые услуги в пределах платежной системы Электрум и других платежных систем. В ближайшем будущем данный сервис будет доступен во всех отделениях почтового оператора», — сообщили в Алло.

«Развивать сервис доставки планируем по двум направлениям: доставка интернет-заказов в любое отделение Алло Express, а также — адресная курьерская доставка покупателю», — рассказал Максим Раскин, CEO группы компаний Алло.

В компании также заявили о планах развивать несколько форматов почтовых отделений, в том числе и за пределами действующих магазинов Алло, не раскрывая их подробностей.

26 Ноя 2020, 05:15

Princess Margaret chain-smoked at a back table, Ava Gardner joined the pianist for an impromptu duet and Elizabeth Taylor packed her guest Rock Hudson off to the nearest gay haunt for a ‘boys’ night’.

Richard Harris and Peter O’Toole would drunkenly bellow songs into the early hours, but Sean Connery got shown the door for refusing to order food with his alcohol.

That said, the menu was hardly what drew the stars to Joe Allen, the restaurant for London’s Theatreland.

For 43 years, the Covent Garden institution has effectively been the staff canteen for the West End, and actors in general, a place where they could expect not to be bothered, and where the staff could be trusted.

Sex Pistol Sid Vicious and girlfriend Nancy Spungen touched tongues for a notorious 1977 photo at one of its tables, but they were the exception. The myriad other famous performers — from Judi Dench and Ian McKellen to Barbara Windsor and Rod Stewart — who have dined at Joe Allen go there not to be noticed.

Now, after decades feeding and watering the stars, the latter are showing their affection for Joe’s in return. Friends of the restaurant, which has been closed since March due to Covid, have been taking part in a series of online ‘virtual cabaret’ shows to raise money for both Joe Allen and Acting For Others, an umbrella for 14 theatre charities as they struggle through a crisis that has brought the West End to its knees.

Tonight, the last of three virtual cabaret evenings, An Evening At Joe’s, will feature Dame Judi, Sir Ian and Jennifer Saunders among the cast.

A ‘virtual’ evening at Joe’s may prove rather more sedate than the real thing.

In the heyday of showbusiness drinking, says general manager Cathy Winn, who has worked at Joe Allen for 30 years, an ambulance would turn up outside most Friday nights as someone or other would have had a heart attack at their table.

The biggest celebrity boozers of them all — Peter O’Toole and Richard Harris — could always be relied on to pitch up late and inebriated.

‘They used to drive me mad. At the end of the night, they’d always come in p***-drunk and want to sing badly around the piano until the early hours,’ Cathy recalls.

But most guests were far more discreet — although not always courteous. A keen theatregoer, Princess Margaret once invited Derek Jacobi (himself a Joe Allen regular) to dine with her and some ballet world friends.

‘There were eight of us and I sat next to her,’ he recalled. ‘She smoked continuously, not even putting out her cigarette when the soup arrived, but instead leaning it up against the ashtray.

‘We got on terribly well, talking about her mum and her sister, and she really made me feel like I was a friend . . . until she got a cigarette out and I picked up a lighter and she snatched it out of my hand and gave it to a ballet dancer called David Wall.’ She told the astonished actor: ‘You don’t light my cigarette, dear. Oh no, you’re not that close.’

The restaurant, where Graham Norton was once a waiter, was not only styled on a classic American bar, with show posters lining bare brick walls and red and white checked tablecloths, but an almost exact replica of the original Joe Allen in Manhattan.

Allen and his business partner, fellow American Richard Polo, came to Britain 12 years after opening the New York restaurant, finding cheap basement premises in a former orchid warehouse. The restaurant moved to a new home in 2017 after Robert De Niro announced plans (later scrapped) to redevelop the entire block as a boutique hotel.

The brasserie had an appropriately showbizzy start when the Broadway cast of A Chorus Line, who were in town, high-kicked all the way down the bar singing A Singular Sensation.

In the early days, the British outpost — down a side street and identifiable by a small brass plate — had a ‘speakeasy’ feel: to obtain an all-important late licence, the restaurant hired a talented pianist. Jimmy Hardwick played there six nights a week for 37 years. An early Joe’s tradition, enthusiastically adopted by Porridge actor and regular Christopher Biggins, was to order the worst thing on the menu — a famously disgusting tapioca pudding — and have it sent to other diners.

General manager Cathy can reel off an endless list of stars who have patronised Joe’s through the years, ranging from acting royalty such as Ingrid Bergman, Maggie Smith, Joan Collins, Julie Andrews and Liza Minnelli, through younger British actors such as Damian Lewis, Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike and on to the casts of EastEnders and Coronation Street.

The drugs and drink-plagued singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse was one of the more tragic patrons. ‘She did spend a lot of time going to the lavatory,’ says Cathy. ‘She was a very lovely girl.’

While staff would try to protect stars from being bothered by fans — Barbara Windsor was particularly vulnerable, says Cathy, because ‘people just think they can go and chat to her’ — only Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman were once accorded the privilege of having a waiter stationed next to their table all evening to ensure they weren’t disturbed.

Needless to say, there has been the occasional difficult customer since 1977. ‘It was before my time, but Kenneth Williams used to come in with his mum every Sunday. Apparently, they were very, very difficult — very challenging,’ she says. ‘Nothing was ever right.’

The American actress Elaine Stritch was ‘outrageously behaved’ whenever she popped in, says Cathy. Stritch, an alcoholic who could down a bottle of gin in one sitting, would wait until she had particularly shockable-looking diners nearby before getting out a hypodermic syringe — she was a diabetic — and injecting herself with insulin at the table, ‘cackling away manically’.

Kevin Spacey could also be a tricky customer who, Cathy observed, had no time for anyone he didn’t consider to be important or useful to him.

However, ‘the rudest, most horrible man’ she ever encountered was — no surprise — Harvey Weinstein. The now disgraced film producer would come up for lunch from the Savoy, where he stayed when visiting London, in a huge limo.

He’d turn up even after being told they were fully booked, march over to sit at an empty table and refuse to budge from it. ‘One time he came in with some of his lackeys and all these actors came to his table and left crying. One after the other,’ recalls Cathy.

There was usually a fierce pecking order in who sat where, with the tables lining the restaurant’s back wall being particularly prized. No one wanted to sit anywhere near the theatre critics who ventured in.

A quiet, often empty overflow room, dubbed Siberia, was reserved for those not in the know — and Barry Manilow, who insisted on dining there as he hated being looked at.

Not that actors, a convivial bunch, will stay where they’re seated. Cathy says she would have a nightmare trying to track people down for their bills ‘as they’d just wander off and join another table and then get utterly sloshed and forget they hadn’t paid’.

Although actors descended on Joe Allen from 10pm, after their shows had finished, it was also patronised by hardened criminals. Great Train Robber Tommy Wisbey and gangster ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser were regulars.

Cathy remembers one Christmas the restaurant was packed, and she was about to turn away a new arrival when she saw it was Fraser. ‘I was like: “Oh no, you can have a table. No problem at all. This way please.” ’

Just one of the spicier ingredients in the Joe Allen brew.

n An Evening At Joe’s will take place tonight from 8pm to 9pm via YouTube. The show will be available to watch after transmission on the Joe Allen website.

26 Ноя 2020, 03:16

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here's Jessica Plummer and Shane Richie were left gagging in disgust as they earned 12 stars in one of the show's most stomach-churning trials ever.

The pair struggled to hold their stomachs as they were tasked with drinking an array of vile drinks at the Sickening Stalls, leaving viewers at home praising it as one of the best challenges in the show's history.

While Jessica struggled to finish a glass of blended fish eyes, Shane also had to drink an array of vile beverages including blended pig's vagina and blended cow's heart, leaving hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly in utter hysterics.

Ahead of the trial, Jessica couldn't hide her nerves, with Jordan North admitting in the Telegraph: 'Jess really isn't up for it, she's had a day of it but she's got the best person to go with her.'

Shane joked: 'Jessica's worried about the cockroaches, ''cockroaches'' I said, we've been in The Queen Vic with Phil Mitchell, why you worried about cockroaches.'

After joining Ant and Dec at the trial area, Jessica and Shane were told they'd each be presented with six drinks and each one they managed to finish would earn them a meal for camp.

Walking up to the first stall Rancid Refreshments, Shane was presented with an Eggs-Spresso, which was blended fermented duck eggs, which the actor down to earn him the first star.

Jessica was next up with Eyes'd Coffee, also known as blended fish eyes, and with Shane's encouragement managed to finish the drink.

Shane's next drink was Gore Berry Smoothie, blended sheep's testicle – which he finished, while Jessica drank the Avaca-Toe Smoothie, blended chicken feet.

Moving onto the next stall, Terrifying Tipples, Shane downed a glass of blended critters, leaving both him and Jessica gagging, before she had to drink half a pint of blended pig's snout.

Up next for Shane was Zin Fanny Del, blended pig's vagina, while Jessica had to finish a glass of blended vomit fruit which left her gagging even more.

Shane and Jessica moved over to the final stall, where he had to drink a glass of Heart-Ichoke soup, blended cow's heart, while Jessica finished Lent-Hell soup, or blended fermented herring.

Determined to get a full house, Shane downed his final drink, Ass Pachio, blended sheeps' anus, while Jessica finished a Knob Ster Bisque – blended goat's penis.

With the duo thrilled to earn all 12 stars, Ant joked: 'Well done on completing the noisiest Trial we've ever had.'

As they headed back to the camp, Jess announced: 'Tonight my friends we eat like Kings and Queens – 12 stars!'

The camp were then treated to another play of the S Club 7 hit Reach, after Giovanna was allowed three plays of the song as part of her luxury item.

Fans couldn't contain their laughter as they sat through the hysterical scenes, with many quick to flood social media with their reaction.

One wrote: 'Hands down the funniest #imacelebrity challenge ever!!!' while another wrote: 'This trial will be remembered for a long time to come - hilarious! Well done Jess and Shane.'

A third tweeted: 'OMG their gagging is making me gag! It's hilarious though.'

Elsewhere Beverley Callard was left red-faced after the rest of the camp caught her snoring in the middle of the night.

When she was made aware of her loud snoring, Bev responded: 'Apparently I was snoring, growling, which I’m so embarrassed about.'

As she chatted to her campmates, Beverley shrugged off her embarrassing sleeping habit and confirmed her husband of ten-years, Jon McEwan, will laugh as he always complains about it when she is at home.

Russell Watson had a tearful start to the day as he celebrated his 54th birthday in camp, admitting it felt 'proper strange' being away from his family.

Speaking in the Telegraph he said: 'There was this massive rendition of Happy Birthday for me, which was lovely. It was so nice.'

Victoria Derbyshire said to him later on: 'This must be the most surreal birthday of your life.' Russell admitted: 'It is a little bit.'

He said: 'My wife, Louise, she always makes a massive fuss of me on my birthday. She understands the significance of how glad I am to still be here.'

Hugging him, Giovanna Fletcher pointed out that every birthday must come with a huge amount of gratitude after what he's been through, including surviving a brain tumour.

He said: 'I've always been the giant that looks after everybody. It's all just a bit weird.'

Giovanna said to him: 'I think there's strength in vulnerability.'

Things looked up for Russell, as he, Vernon, Giovanna and Hollie were rewarded with an evening in a luxury spa, after Jessica, Beverley, Giovanna and Ruthie took on the challenge Mean Massages.

The four stars were tasked with lying down on a massage table to be covered with snakes and insects, with each then choosing someone to head to the luxury spa.

During the challenge, a face-down Giovanna squealed: 'I think one is near my foo-foo. That’s not wanted!'

Some of the women could be heard reciting Jordan's slogan, 'happy place, happy place!' to get through it.

'This is truly the worst spa!' Beverley exclaimed.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.

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