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14 Янв 2021, 01:46
Иран заявил о введенных США санкциях против разработчика вакцины от COVID

США ввели санкции против иранского разработчика вакцины от коронавирусной инфекции COVID-19. Об этом сообщил в Twitter советник министра здравоохранения Ирана Алиреза Вахабзаде. «Вакцина — вне политики. Однако если какая-то страна заявляет, что не будет покупать у США вакцину, а сама намерена производить ее, то против научно-исследовательского предприятия вводят санкции», — написал представитель минздрава.

13 января США ввели санкции против двух человек и 16 организаций. В санкционный список также внесли человека, связанного по обвинениям в терроризме. В частности, ограничения будут действовать против гражданина Ирака Абдула Азиза аль-Мохаммедави, а также следующих организаций: Iran Combine Manufacturing Co., Quds Razavi Mines Co., Razavi Oil And Gas Development Co., Tadbir Drilling Development Company и других компаний из разных сфер.

Согласно заявлению минфина Ирана, организации Execution of Imam Khomeini”s Order (EIKO) и Astan Quds Razavi (AQR) находятся под контролем верховного лидера Ирана Али Хаменеи.

Как отметили в ведомстве, под контролем этих организаций находится немалая часть иранской экономики. в том числе активы, экспроприированные у политических диссидентов и религиозных меньшинств.

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14 Янв 2021, 23:15

She recently offered her fans more insight into the world of influencing, after receiving backlash for spending the coronavirus lockdown abroad.

And Laura Anderson appeared in great spirits as she posed up a storm in a series of chic images from her Dubai trip on Thursday.

The former Love Island star, 31, commanded attention slipped into a tie-dye print dress by REVOLVE in a quirky room.

Highlighting her slender figure, the influencer's ribbed ensemble featured long sleeves and skimmed her toned thighs.

The former flight attendant added height to her frame in a pair of cream, sling-back heels, while accessorising with a selection of dainty jewellery.

Earlier this week, the media personality was forced to delete some of the comments on her recent sun-soaked bikini snaps after receiving backlash for sharing her exploits.

The TV star addressed the negativity on her Stories, as she admitted some would be put off becoming an influencer after learning the realities.

Amid mounting criticism towards influencers and reality stars who have jetted to abroad on 'business trips' to escape the strict UK lockdown, Laura said:

'This whole thing about everyone hating influencers, I'm just like f**k.. this is what I do for a job at the minute. I don't want to feel c**p.

'I'm thinking maybe, would it be a good idea to give more of an insight into the reality of being an influencer.

'I think a lot of young people might want to do it, but you realise it's not that great when you see the reality of it. I saw someone in my comments saying you're on holiday, but when you're working you're not on holiday.

'On holiday doesn't mean just in the sun. I want people to understand then maybe they won't get as annoyed, it's not just right now, all the time.

'I remember when Molly-Mae went into the villa everyone was like omg she's an influencer, as it if was a negative thing. I thought it would be a good idea to give an insight so people don't hate it as much and realise how hard it is.'

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson plunged England back into a March-style lock-down on January 5. Travel rules currently state that overseas trips are only permitted for work purposes.

New rules will require international travellers to come back negative after a PCR test before arriving in England. The rules will come into force from Friday.

From 4am on January 15, passengers arriving by boat, train or plane - including UK nationals - will have to take a test up to 72 hours before leaving the country.

They will need to present proof of a negative test result - using a PCR test or on some occasions a LAMP or lateral flow test - to their carrier on boarding while the UK Border Force will conduct spot checks on arrivals.

New arrivals who flout the rules will face a minimum £500 fine, while the operator who transported them will also be fined.

Passengers will still have to quarantine for 10 days regardless of their test results, transport minister Robert Courts said in a statement.

British nationals attempting to return home who test positive must not travel and must follow the local guidance in their host country, and contact the nearest consulate if they need support.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al-Quwain, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah have been added to the UK's quarantine list - meaning social media stars at the Middle Eastern holiday hotspot will need to self-isolate for 10 days.

Influencers have been under scrutiny after Olivia Attwood hit out at them for claiming they are 'working' abroad during the coronavirus pandemic.

Outspoken TV star Olivia, 29, took to her Instagram Stories from her Manchester home on Tuesday to criticise her co-stars for claiming they are working abroad.

Her video comes as it was revealed that travellers returning to the UK from the UAE will have to quarantine following a 52 per cent surge in the number of COVID -19 cases there - an undoubted shock for the influencer-packed city.

'Being an influencer is actually really hard and I can't create content for you guys here, so I am going to have to go on holiday but don't worry I will keep referring to it as 'work,' the tongue-in-cheek video began.

Later, the blonde elaborated, telling her followers: 'Oh my god I sound like an actual hater. Do you know what it is right, it's just this meme that's been going around which is making influencers, and it's not all of them it's only a few, look so bad.'

'It's the constant "I'm working, not on holiday" shout. There is a difference from being able to earn money wherever you are are to being there for work,' the media personality pointed out.

Olivia explained that she has never pretended a holiday with her footballer fiancé Bradley Dack, 27, is a work trip, saying: 'Whenever I go on holiday I'll post content which I can monetise.

'I'm still on holiday. I don't go "Oh me and Brad have had the most amazing week in Portugal but don't worry I was flat out working". You just sound so stupid.'

14 Янв 2021, 09:15

While the ceremony is over, new photos have emerged from Neil Perry's daughter Josephine's wedding on Sunday.

In a series of posts on Instagram this week, Josephine's proud mum, Adele, shared photos and videos from her daughter's wedding to Michael Clift.

'Can we go back... and do it again... it was the BEST day with my beautiful girl,' Adele wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

She revealed Josephine's wedding look had been inspired by actress Margot Robbie, with the bride opting for dewey skin and soft pink makeup.

In several other posts, Adele showed off the decorations at the reception, which was held at Rockpool in Sydney, one of Neil's restaurant ventures.

The elegant table settings featured black tablecloths, white flowers and white candelabras.

Included on the menu was freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters, yellowfin tuna tartare, charcoal roasted coral trout and rib eye steak.

Adele also shared a video of Josephine giving a speech at the reception, after changing into a printed pink babydoll minidress.

In her speech, Josephine admitted she was 'pretty stressed' while planning the wedding, after having to postpone it because of COVID.

'As you all know, we had to cancel our first wedding in March last year, which was hard, but we made the decision, and we stuck to it and we were strong with it and we felt fine about it, and then we planned this one, and then the restrictions came in,' she said.

She also gave her 63-year-old father a special mention, and praised him for accommodating all of her requests.

'I also want to say a massive thank you to my dad as well, who has been such a legend. Everything I've thrown at him, he's just said yes,' she said.

'He has not questioned me once, he's only made very few sarcastic remarks in the planning process. He's been pretty, pretty good, considering. I love you, thank you, Dad.'

Adele also shared a series of photos from before the ceremony, showing the bridal party in customised dressing gowns.

Another photo revealed they had been given personalised coat hangers with their names and roles in the wedding party written on them.

Josephine and her bridesmaids enjoyed a sleepover the night before the wedding, with all the women dressed in matching pyjamas.

In the morning, they enjoyed a 'bridal breakfast', consisting of juice, toast, fresh fruit, muesli, eggs and yoghurt.

'We're very blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives. We feel very, very lucky and we're very surrounded by love, and we have really amazing people around us,' Josephine said in her wedding speech.

Josephine wore a stunning A-line tea-length bridal number with puff sleeves at the wrists.

Her luscious blonde locks were styled in a neat up-do, with her veil tucked seamlessly around the tight bun.

Her bridesmaids all wore black, sporting matching strapless dresses with identical heels.

A number of high-profile media personalities were in attendance, including Three Blue Ducks restaurant owner Darren Robertson and his wife Magdalena Roze.

Model Simone Holtznagel was also a guest, and excitedly wrote on her Instagram ahead of the wedding: 'TODAY'S THE DAY'.

14 Янв 2021, 19:50

Суды в Витебске 14 января начали рассматривать дела шестерых женщин, задержанных 13 января в пригородном лесу во время занятий скандинавской ходьбой. Четверо из них более суток находились под стражей и провели ночь в ИВС. Одна пенсионерка, Тамара Ильина, госпитализирована — у нее проблемы с сердцем. Еще одну, Татьяну Северинец, отпустили на свободу вечером 13 января.

Напомним, утром 13 января в пригородном лесу собралась компания женщин: Татьяна Северинец, Людмила Каминская, Людмила Волоткевич, Елене Коснова, Тамара Ильина и Раиса Кухто. Татьяна Северинец хотела провести для них мастер-класс по скандинавской ходьбе. Однако их задержали 12 сотрудников милиции.

Женщин доставили в Первомайский РОВД. На всех составили протоколы по статье 23.34 КоАП и обвинили в участии в несанкционированном пикете «с бело-красно-белым полотнищем».

Татьяну Северинец хотели судить вечером 13 января, но процесс перенесли на 19 января, ее отпустили домой.

Пенсионерку Тамару Ильину из РОВД на скорой отвезли в больницу. Как рассказали ее друзья, женщина лежит в кардиологии.

Остальных четверо женщин доставили в ИВС — до судов 14 января. За процессами следил корреспондент «Віцебскай вясны».

Суд Первомайского района Витебска рассмотрел дело Елены Косновой по скайпу. Женщина не согласилась с протоколом и сообщила, что приехала в лес заниматься спортом:

— Мы даже не говорили о политике. У меня была единственная цель: похудеть. В руках я не держала никаких полотнищ, и никакого пикетирования не было.

Судья Вероника Борисова объединила дела Косновой и Северинец в одно. Процесс состоится 19 января. Около 12.30 Елену Коснову отпустили из изолятора.

Аналогичное решение, но уже во второй половине дня, в отношении Людмилы Каминской, Людмилы Волоткевич, Раисы Кухто вынес и суд Октябрьского района Витебска. Судья Владимир Цариков постановил рассмотреть три дела в отношении женщин в одном судебном заседании. Оно пройдет 20 января. Около 15.00 задержанных отпустили из ИВС.

Стоит отметить, что четверо женщин, находившихся в ИВС, почти сутки до судов ничего не ели: силовики отказались принимать передачи, сообщили правозащитники.

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