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14 Янв 2021, 06:06
Гордума Якутска приняла отставку мэра

Городская дума Якутска в четверг, 14 января, приняла отставку мэра Сарданы Авксентьевой. Об этом РИА «Новости» сообщили в думе.

Как рассказал собеседник агентства, 17 депутатов проголосовали за ее отставку, шесть высказались против, а один воздержался.

Отмечается, что на должность исполняющего обязанности главы городского округа «город Якутск» был назначен Евгений Григорьев.

Ранее Авксентьева объявила о досрочном сложении полномочий из-за состояния здоровья. Она возглавляла Якутск с сентября 2018 года.


— «Никогда не держалась за власть»: чем известна ушедшая в отставку мэр Якутска

— Мэр Якутска останется в рядах городской команды после ухода с должности

— Социолог призвал не спекулировать на слухах об отставке мэра Якутска

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15 Янв 2021, 23:47

В Центральном научно-исследовательском институте эпидемиологии Роспотребнадзора разработали новую тест-систему, которая выявляет коронавирус в течение полутора часов. Об этом сообщил глава института Василий Акимкин, передает «Интерфакс».

«Наши специалисты совместно со специалистами из других институтов разработали практически и опробовали такой тест, который позволяет сократить время исследования. <...> Время детекции составляет от 60 до 90 минут», — сказал он.

С начала пандемии в институте также производили обычные ПЦР-тесты на коронавирус. По словам Акимкина, учреждение изготовило около 75 млн таких тестов, что позволило обеспечить ими не только Россию, но «и еще 40 стран мира».

В сентябре Росздравнадзор зарегистрировал разработку «дочки» АФК «Система» — «Система-БиоТех». Она создала альтернативный ПЦР-исследованию на коронавирус тест, который позволяет получить результаты за 15 минут, говорится в сообщении АФК. Точность этого теста составила 85%, выпускать его будет завод «Биннофарм».

В апреле Росздравнадзор зарегистрировал 40-минутный экспресс-тест на коронавирус компании Generium, сообщили в ней . Тест разработала группа компаний «Медико-биологический союз», его точность составляет 94%.

В ноябре глава Минздрава Михаил Мурашко раскритиковал медицинские лаборатории за слишком долгое выполнение тестов на коронавирус и потребовал от них работать круглосуточно. Вслед за этим Роспотребнадзор ограничил время выполнения исследований 48 часами.

В российских поликлиниках на определение коронавируса проводится ПЦР-тест. Для исследования берется мазок из носа и ротоглотки. Кроме того, человек может узнать, переболел ли он коронавирусом, для теста на антитела потребуется сдать кровь из вены.

14 Янв 2021, 13:15

Footballers are acting in a 'brainless' way that is 'an insult to the NHS' by engaging in group hugs after scoring goals, senior politicians have claimed.

Players have been warned to avoid 'unnecessary contact at all times' including 'handshakes and hugging' in a set of tough new rules sent to Premier League clubs on Friday.

Ministers have also made clear they don't want to see images of footballers flouting social distancing rules at a time of national crisis, and such actions make it harder to justify the continuation of elite sport during a national lockdown.

However, so far, few teams have abided by the edict to avoid hugging, with players at Sheffield United, Manchester United, Everton and Wolves engaging in close, exuberant celebrations on Tuesday.

And on Wednesday, Manchester City formed a celebratory scrum including eight players after Phil Foden scored the only goal in their win over Brighton and Fulham mobbed Ivan Cavaleiro after he equalised in the 1-1 draw at Tottenham Hotspur.

Even before the latest scenes, Julian Knight, the chairman of the Parliamentary Department of Culture Media and Sport Committee, had seen enough.

'These people are looked up to, they're role models, and not to respect any form of social distancing in that way – at a time of national emergency – is brainless at best and negligent at worst,' he told the Telegraph.

The former shadow sports minister, who has relatives working in the NHS, added: 'These people are absolutely putting themselves on the line every day for us, and they are appealing to people to obey the rules. And footballers should listen to them and see that they are in a position of influence where they can help the NHS get us through this very difficult time.'

And DCMS committee member, Clive Efford, a Tottenham Hotspur fan, told the paper that the celebrations were an 'insult to the staff in the NHS'.

'To see millionaire footballers just flouting the rules in the way they are is just absolutely disgusting and is beyond contempt,' he said.

On Tuesday, Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder and Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Soljskaer defended their players for making emotional reactions to goals.

Manchester City manager Per Guardiola made a similar claim for his team last night. But Efford is unimpressed with these arguments.

'It's an idiotic response. Because, basically, if you strip back what they're saying, they are saying that football should be closed down, because no matter what you do, you can't stop this happening,' he said before Wednesday's fixtures.

Following City's victory at the Etihad, Guardiola said: 'I respect the protocols from the Premier League. I understand completely what they are trying to do. But the moment you score a goal and one guy runs and the others don't go to celebrate with him, it is weird and uncomfortable.

'We are tested maybe five or six times in the last 10 days. Everyone is negative. We are outdoors where the virus is less aggressive. We will follow what the Premier League says but I don't know if we will be able to do it.'

And Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson, whose team plays at Arsenal tonight, said: 'People have ingrained habits when a goal is scored. The emotion and joy of that moment, there is a risk players will still run to each other. I don't know what managers and coaches can do more than hammer home the messages and protocols.'

The Premier League says that the clubs should investigate and sanction 'individual transgressions by relevant persons'.

It's guidance adds: 'Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action by the league individually against the relevant person, where appropriate, and/or against the club.'

While many Covid regulations are in place and being followed, the stipulation around hugging is perhaps the highest profile and become a touchpoint for ministers.

A series of urgent meetings have now been set up between the Premier League, captains and managers to address the new Covid protocols - amid fears that continued non-compliance may trigger government intervention.

Sports minister Nigel Huddlestone has expressed his view to the football authorities and on Tuesday tweeted: 'Everyone in the country has had to change the way they interact with people and ways of working.

'Footballers are no exception. Covid-secure guidelines exist for football. Footballers must follow them and football authorities enforce them strictly.'

And Jonathan Van-Tam, England's deputy chief medical officer, has added his voice to the debate, saying footballers should socially distance after scoring a goal.

A string of leading virologists and public health experts have also told Sportsmail that hugging after goals is a risk in terms of transmission of the virus, but also sets a bad example to the rest of the country at a time when the new variant is spreading rapidly.

However, Tottenham Hotspur showed players can keep their distance after scoring. When Harry Kane put his Spurs' side 1-0 up against Fulham the skipper managed the celebrations with high fives all round.

14 Янв 2021, 01:40

The day after a Colorado man driving a truck loaded with weapons made it to Washington, D.C., last week, he texted a frightening forecast of what could come with President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“I predict that within the next 12 days, many in our country will die,” wrote Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr., who had threatened to kill Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), according to federal court records.

That message was delivered a day after President Donald Trump urged his followers to march to the U.S. Capitol, which resulted in a deadly riot. At least five people have died as a result of the clash, including U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. A sixth person — Capitol Police officer Howard Liebengood, who had been on duty during the attack — later died by suicide.

The QAnon believer reached his destination late Wednesday ready for battle. After learning that Vice President Mike Pence wasn’t going to stop the certification of Biden’s Electoral College victory, Meredith texted, “War time,” while en route to D.C.

In later messages, he warned that he was “3.5 hours from target practice,” “Ready to remove several craniums from shoulders,” and “so ready to FK SOME TRAITORS UP.”

“I ain’t goin to jail,” he wrote at one point. “[T]he morgue maybe, not jail.”

Meredith brought with him a Glock covered in an American flag skin, an assault-style rifle with telescopic sight, high-capacity magazines and about 2,500 rounds of ammunition, including at least 320 “armor-piercing” rounds.

He was arrested last Thursday after allegedly assaulting a pedestrian in Washington. Meredith left his vehicle and allegedly head-butted an individual, knocking him to the ground, beating him and fleeing the scene in his truck, according to an affidavit.

Meredith’s trip is detailed in a 10-page memo filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia by acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin. In an interview with authorities following his arrest, Meredith admitted he sent the text messages found on his phone. He also claimed to be a habitual marijuana user with a history of mental illness.

On the day of his arrest, Meredith told authorities he “may wander over to the Mayor’s office and put a 5.56 in her skull,” calling her a “FKG c---.” He also said he was, “Thinking about heading over to Pelosi C---’s speech and putting a bullet in her noggin on Live TV,” later describing the California Democrat as a “Dead B--- Walking.”

“I hope you’re reading this Mr. FBI agent, FK U,” he said after threatening Bowser. “You get that one Mr. Marxist FBI Agent?” he sent in a text after threatening Pelosi. “Go FK yourself.”

Meredith is charged by complaint with interstate communication of threats. Prosecutors argue Meredith should remain held pending trial because “[n]o conditions or combination of conditions can ensure the community’s safety and his return to this jurisdiction for future court proceedings.”

Sherwin wrote Meredith “evinces a strong antipathy towards law enforcement and leaders of this city and nation,” noting that “all of this was in full display when he arrived in the city to commit abhorrent acts of violence one day after the siege on the Capitol.”

“He also lacks ties to the community and appears to have no regard for governmental functions,” Sherwin said. “A clearly disturbed, deranged, and dangerous individual that fantasizes about committing horrific acts of violence and takes countless steps to carry them out by driving across several states with a trailer stocked with thousands of rounds of ammunition and multiple firearms—including an assault style rifle—should not remain in the community.”

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